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A case study in gamification


Our expertise in applying gamification to learning was demonstrated in a recent project for a major pharmaceutical client. They wanted to find a way to increase engagement with an existing training curriculum.

Their learners were spread across the globe, and it was evident that they were feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only had they become more isolated, but they were starting to tire of one of their few sources of connection – virtual meetings.


This was a clear opportunity for us to make use of gamification and the potential it has for driving motivation and participation. We developed a team-based initiative that rewarded collaboration and social interaction, as well as completion of training objectives.

Regularly published updates gave recognition to high achievers, and the balance of friendly competition and teamwork helped to motivate participants to progress further.


The solution we developed for this project did not require big budgets or advanced technologies. It simply required true understanding of the learners and their needs, and the expertise to identify suitable gamification elements that could help to meet those needs.

The project received excellent feedback from learners and had a measurable impact on the completion of training objectives. It was also selected as a finalist for an international industry award.


At Ashfield Excellence Academy, we will work closely with you to understand your learners, so that together we can use gamification in a way that engages and motivates them.

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